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User Engagement Tracking: Analyzing user engagement metrics helps developers understand how frequently users interact with the app, which features they find most appealing, and where they may encounter obstacles. Retention Analysis: Product analytics assess user retention by tracking how many players continue using the app over time. Understanding retention patterns helps identify factors influencing user loyalty and areas for improvement. Monetization erformance: Analyzing in-app purchases, advertisements, and other revenue streams provides insights into the effectiveness of the app's monetization strategies. This includes identifying high-performing items or features and optimizing pricing models. Funnel Analysis: Examining user journeys through various stages, or funnels, within the app helps pinpoint areas where users may drop off or encounter challenges. This allows for targeted improvements to enhance the user experience and increase conversion rates. A/B Testing: Implementing A/B tests involves comparing different versions of features or elements to determine which performs better. This iterative process helps refine and optimize the app based on real user data.


Unlocking the Power of Free-to-Play

The free-to-play model offers a vast, engaged audience, but monetization requires a delicate touch. AKA Advisory & Consultancy helps you design a game economy that thrives. We understand the importance of a fair and engaging system, allowing players to progress meaningfully without feeling pressured to spend. AKA creates in-app purchases that enhance the gameplay experience, not break it. This thoughtful approach fosters a loyal player base, more likely to convert into paying customers when they see the value proposition. Let AKA unlock the true potential of your free-to-play game and turn it into a sustainable success story.

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Igniting Engagement and Revenue in Your Game

The gaming landscape is fiercely competitive, and keeping players hooked while driving revenue requires a strategic approach. AKA Advisory & Consultancy helps you unlock that potential. We go beyond basic monetization – we craft in-app purchases that utilize proven sales elements to spark excitement, fuel growth, and unlock a loyal player base. Our expertise lies in creating a segmented sales funnel within your game. We identify different player types and tailor in-app purchases to their specific needs and desires. Through strategic triggers, we subtly nudge players towards these purchases at the optimal moment in their gameplay journey. AKA understands the power of the first purchase. We craft compelling offers that encourage hesitant players to take the plunge, maximizing conversion rates for first-time spenders. Once that initial purchase is made, we design a seamless repayment cycle that keeps players engaged and coming back for more, fostering a long-term revenue stream. With AKA, your game transforms into a vibrant ecosystem where players discover true value and become passionate advocates. Let us help you leverage in-app purchases to create a winning formula – a blend of joyful engagement, sustainable success, and a loyal player base.


Progression planning

​Gaming progression planning, anchored in XP (Experience Points) and levels, forms the backbone of user engagement and satisfaction. As players traverse through levels, they embark on a journey of skill development and accomplishment, fostering a sense of achievement and progression. User experience intricately intertwines with effort, as each level conquered symbolizes dedication and mastery. The balance between challenge and reward is paramount; too easy, and players grow disinterested; too difficult, and frustration ensues. Successful progression planning ensures a gradual increase in difficulty, coupled with meaningful rewards, enhancing user satisfaction and retention. This principle holds true not only for the long meta journey but also for seasonal features and Live Op activity, where timely and dynamic content updates maintain player interest and investment. Need a hand with enhanced planning?

To unlock the full potential of your gaming experience:

progressin planning
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VIP management methodologies & monitoring tools

AKA  specializes in assisting games with retaining significant VIP players by implementing proactive monitoring and action-oriented strategies. Our VIP management methodologies focus on close and proper look of selected players in order to make sure that no one is lost. WINNING A NEW VIP PLAYER IS MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE THAN RETAINING AN EXISTING ONE! Through advanced monitoring tools and methodologies, we track key metrics and indicators to identify potential churn risks and opportunities for intervention. By staying one step ahead, we empower you to address issues before they escalate, ultimately safeguarding your significant player base and revenue streams. Our approach emphasizes proactive engagement and personalized support, ensuring that your VIP players feel heard, valued, and appreciated. With our guidance, you can strengthen player relationships, foster loyalty, and maximize lifetime player value. Let us help you protect and nurture your significant player base, driving sustainable growth and success for your gaming app.

VIP management

Core KPIs & Dashboards design

For sure, you quote Retention and Conversion figures even if I awakw you in the middle of the night, as these are your bread and butter core KPIs. However, in the complex ecosystem of games, digging deeper into the analytics treasure trove reveals a wealth of insights beyond the surface metrics. Think of metrics like Risk taking, Time left to play, Resources Consumption and Segment Exaustion  as your trusty companions on the journey to understanding player behavior and boosting profitability. These metrics paint a vivid picture of player engagement and spending habits, guiding you toward tailored strategies to keep players happy and revenue flowing. By shining a light on these deeper KPIs, you're not just playing the game – you're mastering it, one insightful metric at a time!

Leave the Matrix and join the right Metrics 

core KPIS

Business models and projections

AKA - AMIHAI KFIR ADVISORY Unlocks the Value of Your App: From Analytics to Exit Strategy

Strong app Analytics, Economy, and Monetization are the foundation of a successful game. But without a clear business plan and financial projections,  communicating that success to current and future investors (including potential buyers) becomes a challenge. AKA bridges the gap. We leverage our expertise in M&A and company evaluation to translate your app's performance into compelling financial models. This includes: - Clear EBITDA Reporting: Understand your profitability and potential for growth. - Accurate Cash Flow Projections: Plan for future investments and resource allocation. - Data-Driven Cash Needs Assessment: Secure the funding you need to fuel expansion. Don't just analyze your app's performance – turn it into a compelling story for investors. AKA empowers you to move beyond "unit economics" and develop a strategic roadmap for a successful exit. Your Benefits: - Attract and secure funding from investors. - Increase your company's valuation for potential acquisition. - Gain a clear understanding of your app's long-term financial health.

Take your app to the next level. Contact AKA today for a consultation.

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Due Diligence Research and Valuation Service

Expert Due Diligence with Unparalleled Transparency

Making informed decisions in gaming industry demands a deeper look to under the surface information.  At AKA, we provide in-depth Due Diligence Research and Valuation Services tailored for both investors and companies navigating the complexities of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).  Our approach goes beyond the surface, offering unparalleled transparency by diving directly into a target company's data infrastructure and reported figures. Why Choose AKA for Your Due Diligence Needs? - Deep Gaming Industry Expertise & Data Validation: Possessing a unique understanding of gaming economics, monetization models, and player behavior. We don't just rely on reported figures; we have the capability to validate - data by directly accessing and analyzing the target company's databases. This meticulous approach uncovers the true potential and any potential discrepancies. We go further by examining soft valuation factors like the company's back-office infrastructure, CRM framework, and team capabilities reassuring future scaling up ability assumptions Data-Driven Valuation with Unmatched Accuracy: We leverage a proprietary framework incorporating financial modeling, market analysis, and validated player engagement data to deliver accurate and defensible valuations. - M&A Transaction Support: Our experience extends beyond due diligence. We can assist with negotiation strategies, deal structuring, and post-merger integration. Your Benefits: - Unmatched Transparency & Mitigated Risk: Identify potential red flags and hidden liabilities before committing capital. We go beyond reported figures and delve into a company's data infrastructure, uncovering the full picture and validating information for unparalleled transparency. - Maximize Returns & Deal Value: Secure the best possible deal terms with informed valuation insights and data-driven analysis. Attract investors with a strong due diligence report that offers unparalleled transparency and a demonstrably accurate valuation. - Invest & Negotiate with Confidence: Gain a comprehensive understanding of a target company's true value proposition, supported by verified data and insights into soft valuation factors like team expertise and operational efficiency. Back your position with data-driven insights and expert analysis grounded in validated facts. - Streamlined M&A Process: Ensure a smooth transaction with informed decision-making based on verified information and a comprehensive understanding of the target company's potential.

Don't navigate the M&A landscape with uncertainties. Partner with AKA to unlock valuable insights, validate data, and make strategic decisions with unwavering confidence. Contact us today for a consultation.

due diligence research
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